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71.900 Ft

Hikvision G2 PRO menetrögzítő kamera, GPS, 2160P + 1080P

Elérhetőség: Készleten raktáron száll. 3-6nap
Gyártó: Hikvision

Hikvision G2PRO menetrögzítő kamera

A Hikvision G2PRO műszerkamera az Ön számára készült, ha modern felszerelést keres autójához.

A 64 GB-os eMMC-meghajtónak és a 32 GB-tól 128 GB-ig terjedő SD-kártyák támogatásának köszönhetően a kamera minden útközbeni eseményt rögzít.

Használata kényelmes, mivel telepítése és kezelése nagyon egyszerű.

Szállítási díj: 850 Ft
71.900 Ft
Kívánságlistára teszem

Leírás és Paraméterek



Hassle-free use

The image you see on the video recorder is clearly visible, as it is equipped with a 3-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 960*480. In addition, the WiFi module will ensure your comfort. Furthermore, this camera also has a built-in microphone, speaker and audio input.


Perfect picture day and night

The resolution of the Hikvision camera is up to 2106P, so you will get a perfect picture during the day. A perfect night view will be provided by the additional F1.75 aperture. You don't have to worry about running out of memory, as the video recorder is equipped with a 64GB eMMC drive and also has the ability to support SD cards from 32GB to 128GB.


Modernity and security

A G-Sensor module has been built into the Hikvision dashcam G2PRO, which gives the option of emergency recording during strong vibrations or collisions. This will ensure that any dangerous situation on the road is recorded. In addition, it has been equipped with a GPS module. You will display your current speed with it, as well as being able to track your route. With the dedicated app for your phone, you can view the live view, change the configuration of parameters and play back recordings.


Easy operation

The Hikvision dashcam G2PRO is easy to install and use. Once the vehicle is started, it will turn on automatically. Voice control will make its operation even more pleasant. It also shows low energy consumption with high performance. This ensures that its operation is uninterrupted.

Manufacturer Hikvision
Model G2PRO
Resolution up to 2160P
Image format JPEG
Memory eMMc: 64 GB, SD Card: 32 GB to 128 GB
Power supply USB 2.0
Sound Built-in loudspeaker
Operating temperature -20°C to +65°C
Power consumption Max. 6 W
Dimensions 100 × 85 × 38 mm
Weight 150 g
Dedicated application HikDashcam


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