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15.790 Ft

Xiaomi Deerma F628S Ultrahangos párásító, diffúzor

Elérhetőség: Készleten
Gyártó: Deerma

Amennyiben ezt a terméket 2023.12.20-ig megrendeli, úgy AJÁNDÉKBA adunk egy  Autós Szellőzőrács tisztítót!

The Deerma brand is part of the Xiaomi ecosystem.


A levegő párásítása új szintre lép

A Deerma F628S egy új generációs funkcionális légnedvesítő.

Elegáns, könnyen használható és mélyen tisztított vízzel párásító, segít vigyázni saját és családja egészségére.

Szállítási díj: 850 Ft
15.790 Ft
Kívánságlistára teszem

Leírás és Paraméterek

Air humidification enters a new level 

Deerma F628S is a new generation functional air humidifier. Elegant, easy to use and humidifying with deeply purified water, it will help you take care of your and your family's health.


Designed for optimal performance

Reliable and safe operation of the humidifier is guaranteed by its well-thought-out design. The water introduced into the tank is fed through an integrated one-way channel straight into the UV exposed part of the device, which provides 360° purification. Then the water is directed to the atomizer - it releases a clean, fresh mist, which will ensure proper humidification of the air in your home and will have a perfect effect on your health. See how much good such a simple device can do!



UV magic

To provide you and your family with a healthy, properly moisturized environment, the humidifier uses an astonishing UV light purification. It avoids chemical pollution and harmful side effects. Deerma F628S takes care of your safety - you will feel the positive effects of properly humidified air faster than you think!



   Silver power amplification

Would you like to strengthen the effect of the humidifier? Try a silver ion filter, which allows you to double the level of purification of sprayed water. It is an ideal solution for those looking for additional possibilities to increase the positive impact of air humidification on health. A special filter will release silver and copper ions, thoroughly cleanse the water and satisfy your expectations.



A level of moisture that suits you

Deerma F628S will perfectly take care of your health. Human self-esteem is closely related to the temperature and level of air humidity - so it is worth to ensure optimal conditions. Deerma F628S humidifier can guarantee constant air humidity between 45% and 90%, which is comfortable for the human body. Set the level of humidity that makes you feel best - Deerma will stop automatically spraying the mist when the selected value is reached. This prevents over-moisturization.


Truly simple operation

The user-friendly interface makes operation of the Deerma F628S humidifier simple and pleasant. The digital display will inform you about the current temperature and air humidity level. With the help of a few intuitive buttons, you can also set the optimal mode of operation for your lifestyle. Deerma F628S will allow you to easily and conveniently provide a comfortable and health friendly level of humidity in your home.



 Enjoy humidified air around the clock

Deerma F628S will serve you seamlessly both day and night. All you have to do is turn off the display before you go to bed, and you will be able to enjoy a healthy, peaceful sleep that is not disturbed by unnecessary light. You won't be disturbed by any sound. The humidifier works extremely quietly - the noise level is only 30 dB. So you can sleep, learn, work and rest in peace - all in a properly humidified environment.


Set an optimal schedule 

Deerma Humidifier F628S gives you even more possibilities! You can set up a customized humidification schedule for it to 12 hours ahead. You don't have to reschedule it every time - it will save you valuable time. What's more, after the set time the humidifier will automatically stop spraying water mist - so don't worry if you forget to turn it off!


Decide on the amount of water sprayed 

With Deerma F628S you also have the possibility to adjust the amount of water sprayed to your needs and tastes. You can choose from three levels, from low to medium to high. You make your choice with just one button! Check what amount of sprayed mist best meets your expectations and adjust it according to the situation. Do not be afraid to experiment - discover your preferences and enjoy perfectly moistened air.


Stylish and practical design 

The design of Deerma F628S humidifier is both aesthetic and practical. Despite its relatively small size, the device is distinguished by its impressive capacity - it is as high as 5 l and is sufficient for a full day of work. So you only need to change the water once a day! You can keep an eye on its level - a simple, transparent indicator makes it possible. The Deerma F628S is a simple, low-demanding device that will impress you with its efficient operation.


Take care of your skin 

Did you know that Deerma F628S will also help you take care of your skin? The device produces water microparticles that deeply moisturize the skin pores. The moisturizer will have a beneficial effect not only on your health but also your appearance!



Humidifier and aromatizer in one? With Deerma F628S is possible! 

It doesn't take much to turn the Deerma F628S humidifier into an aromatizer. Just pour your favorite essential oil into a special container. Then turn it on and enjoy the beautiful, relaxing fragrance! This is the perfect way to relax after a long, tiring day.




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